bathory (bathory) wrote,

Bleh... Birthdays.

So it's my birthday... i worked all day which is okay. Working with Kids especially when they know it's your birthday or some other special day is always nice. They make a point of reminding you that they know every second by saying it, giving you a hug, or making you something:) They were the first to say happy Birthday to me this morning and the first to sing to me so i was in a pretty good mood all day.
Came home and had cake and pizza with my whole family, i didn't know my sister and pandora were coming over so that was wonderful. Lincoln called, and i wish more than anything that i could spend my birthday with him, but i'm alright. He's been very sweet, sent me a text message, which he's more than welcome to keep those text messages coming, they make my day when i check my phone during my 10 minute break. He posted in his journal and he called me. I forced him to stay on the phone although neither of us really had much to say. It was just nice to have the presence of him even if it was just by the phone.

I don't know what i'm gonna do tonight, i've been sort of invited to my friend's brother's party. I figure i might as well go over there and have a beer or two. Socialize and come home. Who knows... might be fun. Nina wants me to come over and sit around her house with her... i'd rather sit around my own house if that's all i'm gonna do.

I think tomorrow i may wake up bright and early and hunt for yard sales. See if i can find some things to put in my apartment or some inexpensive toys for my kids at school. Maybe see if there is anything Lincoln would be interested in. I don't know... I need to wake up early though and keep myself in the habit of waking up. If not my summer is going to be 10 times more exhausting. I'm glad i'm working so much though, the money means extra security for me which is always nice.

I wonder if my parents would get mad if i colored this dog with a purple marker? I'd write Happy Birthday Jenny right across his back;)! Yeah.... that'd be the shit.
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