bathory (bathory) wrote,

for the laymen... it's just gibberish;P

On my drive home last night from what was a not so entertaining night of me trying to be comical.
My mind wandered, perusual, and i start inventing some story line in my head. Usual these stories are something that i invent to scare myself into not wanting to get out of my car... but last night i was driving down the road and I felt like i was driving at high speeds up (or down) a mountain that was covered by blueberry bushes. Now it's really not so unusual and not nearly as strange as it seems. Seeing as though when i was little we'd go blueberry picking all the time and my mom's friend Tucker would take me all over the mountains on his 4-wheeler. Always chilly... always foggy... and always surreal. The whole mental image was really very nice... until i broke out into song and ruined the moment... "I found my thrill... on blueberry hill..." What? I never said i was sane....

God knows the nonsense going on around these parts. I'm being forced to go to Barnardsville tomorrow... which i'm really not too excited about. My sister is super depressed and is living with the biggest asshole known to mankind. Men seriously frustrate me. My sister is going to have this baby in two days... this baby is huge... she has all sorts of complications... and she never gets to rest because Pandora never stops. Glenn comes home and is a total dick to her. Yesterday he said something shitty about my sister to HER doctor and it totally broke my sister's heart because now she feels like the one person she really could trust in thinks she's a terrible person. The other day he took her all over god knows where and she felt so sick that she begged him to take her home... it was all she could do to get to bed. Woke up later too drained to even moved and asked him if he'd make her a sandwich or something and he told her he didn't fucking care if she was hungry, he'd been working all day and wasn't doing shit for her. Ahh now i see what all those girly notions of marriage and babies where all about.... Fuck that shit. I'd rather be alone my entire life than ever have to put up with that.

Alright i'm done;)
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yeah, this is lame.. but I wanted to say "hi"