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bathory's Journal

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affection, amélie, architecture, art, arthur hughes, asheville, autumn, backrubs, baths, being read to, being touched, books, bubbles, burts beeswax lip balm, cameras, candles, cartoons, cats, children, clean sheets, coloring, colors, crayons, creativity, cuddles, cultures, customs, darkness, destiny, different people, drama, dreams, education, elizabeth bathory, emily strange, emotions, experiences, expression, eyes, facial expressions, fall, feeling, flowers, fountains, french kisses, fresh cut grass, getting, giving, glitter, green fields, greentea, hands, happiness, hearing, history, hugs, indian food, individuality, jelly bracelets, john waterhouse, kisses, kitties, languages, lightning, lincoln, lingerie, lips, literature, lollipops, looking, love, loving, mail, meaning, movies, music, necks, new people, nieces, no doubt, old houses, oranges, packages, park benches, people, photobooth pictures, photography, pictures, play grounds, playing, ponds, postcards, powerpuff girls, presents, punk, purple, radiohead, rain, reading, religion, rituals, romance, room with a view, save ferris, scents, seeing, sex, shirley manson, sighs, singing, sleep, slides, smiles, sounds, sparkles, spring, stars, stephen chbosky, stories, strawberries, structures, surprises, swings, taking pictures, tea, the beats, the dark crystal, the labyrinth, the moon, the sky, the way children think, theatre, thoughts, thunder storms, touching, tournee du chat noir, toys, trees, walks, watching, water, weeping willows, weezer, whisteria, william s. burroughs, windows

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